Fintech & Blockchain Ecosystem in Ireland, by IDA Ireland


Blockchain Ireland is a combined effort of government and Irish based companies, led by the IDA Blockchain Expert Group, to help promote and share information on blockchain in Ireland

Why Ireland

Ireland is known globally as one of the best places to do business, with a large proportion of the world's leading pharma, financial services and technology companies having a base here. See below for a number of other key reasons to build your blockchain on the island


Global Technology Hub

Ireland is known as a global technology hub, with 9 of the 10 global software companies and all of the 'born of the Internet' companies operating at scale in Ireland


Digital Workforce

There is a large, highly skilled, multilingual workforce already in place in Ireland, which means it is a great place to set up a multi-functional team focused on different regions


EU Location

Ireland is an EU member state, providing easy, quick access to over 500 million potential customers 


Government commitment to innovation

A very attractive, 12.5% corporation tax coupled with a 25% R&D tax credits initiative shows the government commitment to innovation and fostering new business